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* Noise problem
Writer | SECU-VISION Date | 2017-08-04 Hit | 245

Cause 1) For the HD-SDI camera, if wiring distance of 5C-F over 150M, wiring distance of 5C-2V over 100M, wiring distance of 3C-2V over 60M.

Solution 1) Please check wiring distance. If the wiring distance limit is exceeded, please connect the repeater.

Cause 2) Faulty BNC connector connected or coaxial cable is old.

Solution 2) Please replace the BNC connector and replace the coaxial cable if the noise still visible.

Cause 3) The camera's coaxial cable is wired closer to an electrical noise source.

Solution 3) Please place the coaxial cable away from the electric noise source.

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