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*Genral FAQ before installation of camera
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PLease read the manual carefully before installation;


2.Please find a well-adapting place to fix dome cameras;


3.Please make sure the input voltage/power and related parameters are accurate while using different products, connecting the cables in strict order with installation manual described;


4.Please use dedicated lens wipe paper to wipe the lens, to keep imaging clear & transparent;


5.Please make sure the power supply won't be short circuit before electrify the products;


6.Please shut off power before wiping machine, liquid and atomizing detergent is not allowed;


7.Please use the recommended accessories, in case fault;


8.Avoid equipment dropping, don't put it on instabitily tray or basement, in case unnecessary hurt and damage;


9.Please use the recommended power system and voltage, if not sure about them, pls refer to your dealer or us;


10.Make good protection of the cables,especially the flexible cables near plug and camera;


11.Avoid foreign matters access in machine, corrosive liquid is prohibitted to splash on machine, to in case danger;


12.Please check the stability of installated bracket/wall/roof, in case hurt and damage;


13.If met fault, please don't try maintain yourself, it may cause electric shock or other dangers. Any maintenance matters, please contact us directly;

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